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These terms are familiar to many acquainted with the ales of Scotland but how did this unique system of labeling come about? The actual price of the ale could be as little as half of the invoice cost once the calculated duties and the discounts allowed by the brewers were subtracted.

This short article will hopefully shed some light on the historical basis for what is known as the "shilling terminology" or the shilling system. During this period the majority of Scottish brewers were producing a number of beers of differing styles and alcohol content.

Tragedy struck Usher's family again the following August.

His son Usher Raymond V got caught in a pool drain at the singer's Atlanta home.

After this accident, Usher's ex-wife Tameka Foster launched a legal battle to regain custody of the couple's two children.

She claims that the singer was "not capable of providing daily caregiving and supervision for the minor children" in her legal filing, according to CNN.

Usher's aunt was watching the child when the incident happened and had tried to free the boy.

The child was taken to a nearby hospital and survived his injuries.


He began singing in his church choir when he was six years old.

For his work with the nonprofit, Usher has received honors from such groups as the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Trumpet Foundation and National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Additionally, Usher has invested in several entrepreneurial endeavors.

Two years after moving with his mother and brother to Atlanta, Usher performed on the hit show , and landed a recording contract with La Face Records soon after.

He released his first, self-titled album in 1994, at age 15.

He also became known for incorporating sexual undertones into his songs, performances and music videos. More than 1 million copies of the album were sold in its first week, and sales accumulated to nearly 20 million copies worldwide.


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