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Cities–governments, public agencies and officials, and the private companies that support them–collect large amounts of data on things like traffic flows, property values, crime statistics, and more.These measurements shape analysis and decisions about policy and design.We will discuss the Nordic approach to system solutions, design and technology, and how it can improve working and living conditions.From a financial perspective, we will discuss how it can drive up property values and help building owners command higher rental rates.During the workshop, Ellen will take participants through each step of Philadelphia’s Smart City strategy development: from issuing an RFI for new ideas that could better utilize existing assets, to creating a cross-departmental RFI review team to review submissions, to hiring a consulting team to develop a Smart City roadmap. Department of Commerce for an informative workshop on exporting Smart City products and solutions. In this workshop we invite city officials, planners, and other international mobility interest groups to learn the secrets the our success by offering simple, affordable and fast techniques to create a variety of smart mobility solutions.Ellen will share best practices learned from this process and answer questions for both public and private sector participants interested in Smart City strategic planning. Peter Sexton, Director, Global Financial Services Team and Senior International Trade Specialist, U. Commercial Service, New York, will outline key steps to developing a successful export strategy. In this workshop you’ll be meeting with many “captains of the industry”, where you’ll roll up your sleeves and develop actual business solutions with the likes Tom Tom Open API, 2getthere automated transit systems, Atos smart mobility management solutions, and other cutting edge traffic or parking solutions.This workshop will be hosted by Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics (MODA), New York City’s ideas incubator for operational analytics and a key stakeholder in the recently NYC Automated Decisions Task Force.Workshop attendees will participate in a thought-exercise to illustrate the complexity of automated data processing in the public sector and, in the words of a recent Omidyar report, “wrestle with the difficult normative questions that often lurk just behind the code.” MODA will then present on its process for setting “intention” in its data analytics projects and share thoughts on how an organization can balance a mandate to be data-driven with a high standard of ethics.

Ellen Hwang, Program Manager for Innovation Management, gathered a cross-departmental team to achieve this goal. Commercial Service programs to help Smart City exporters connect with buyers around the world. Whether it’s smart, green or safe mobility, The Netherlands is home to many hotbeds of innovation and expertise ranging from car sharing, Maa S solutions, EV vehicles, autonomous driving living labs, smart traffic control systems and smart signs.The Urban Tech Hub is proud to welcome visiting international companies that are taking part in Smart Cities NY 2018 to join us at our midtown Manhattan office for networking with other urban tech companies as you prepare for the conference.We are proud to be part of Smart Cities NY and happy to provide visiting delegations with an opportunity to experience the urban tech ecosystem at the Urban Tech [email protected] Central Tech.In 2016, Philadelphia’s Chief Information Officer wanted to find a way to better leverage underutilized city assets.

At the same time, the City saw a need to better coordinate information and communication technology (ICT) that was already in use by several departments.

This process will prove how quickly cities and companies can identify, solve and share viable “traffic” solutions globally.


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