Symantec preventing windows vista from updating

) after MS stops supporting Vista to still be able to use Norton Security. Still two machines here are using Windows Vista with Norton Security.I myself am transitioning to Windows 10, but the Vista machines still both work well. I'll continue to run vista on one pc until it dies as I've some hardware & software not useable with later Windows.We recommended that you use Add or Remove Programs when uninstalling Symantec software before starting this process.Manual uninstall by file removal and registry manipulation should only be attempted as a last resort after first performing traditional removal through Add or Remove Programs. Not all files, folders, registry keys, or registry values may be present on the computer.I'm in the same situation in that my PC is Vista but my laptop is Windows 7.

* = Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Windows 10 Creators Update, and/or Windows Server 2016 support for the release indicated is basic compatibility only.This applies to all operating systems and all versions of Symantec Endpoint Protection (client and management server), with one exception as noted below.Otherwise, Symantec Endpoint Protection does not support in-place migration due to potential issues which may arise during the upgrade.Some are for various fixes but most are to patch security holes.


If your pc is no longer receiving any Windows Updates then your pc is an open door for hackers and exploits. Please do not gibe false information to our community.

I'd tend to keep the vista pc as is as a spare/odd job device. If you do not need any software which is Windows based then go with a Google Chromebook.


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