Dating while divorce pending

The second and third criteria, allow a quicker divorce without having to wait out the one-year waiting period.These are fault-based criteria and are available only to the "innocent" spouse. Divorce lawyers are required to discuss the possibility of reconciliation and to inform clients of available counseling or guidance facilities.In those cases in which no settlement was reached, the parties may go to Divorce Mediation prior to final trial.In this situation, I make sure to be "trial ready" when I attend the mediation.But, you will not need to go to a Court Hearing for Temporary Orders. Even in these cases, you can be confident that I will use my negotiating and mediation skills to obtain the best result.I have a reputation with the Court for representing our clients with integrity.Whatever type of family law issue you have, I have the EXPERTISE to provide the needed legal service! Eric Schmidt is a Houston family law attorney who defines the phrase "CONFLICT RESOLUTION," and is dedicated to helping you keep the cost of your case as low as possible.I guide our clients through the legal process so that you can make "informed decisions" about your case.




If you are getting divorced, the less money you spend on attorney's fees, the more money you have to divide between yourself and your spouse!I have a reputation with our opposing counsel for being "strait shooters!


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