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His hand appeared to have blood on it, but the alleged injury to his head could not be seen.The 21-year-old, who posts a number of pro-Trump and 'anti-leftie' memes and other items on his Facebook page, wrote a caption with the image that read: 'Remember that this is what happens when you disagree with the "tolerant left".' Protesters denied claims of any violence.In mid-October, we learned that Chris Evans and Jenny Slate were maybe-probably spending time together. There’s not a doubt in my mind that they got back together in the past few months.The gossip mags picked up the story from social media sightings, apparently – people saw Jenny and Chris hanging out in Atlanta, where he’s filming a movie, and they were seen out to dinner. And Chris seemingly traveled to DC to see her perform and to hang out – go here to see Lainey Gossip’s story and the tweets. This isn’t a “just friends” or “friendly exes” situation. Now, I’ll give you this: I have my doubts as to their exclusivity. A source mentioned that to People Magazine weeks ago, that Chris is Meanwhile, one of the devoted Evans-Slate watchers tweeted to me, wanting us to point out that Slate has a history of problematic tweets.


One of the protesters told CNN Thursday's events are a sign of what is to come over the next four years.'This is to build up momentum and mobilize people so that whatever s*** is coming down the pipe with Trump and Pence - their regime - we need to be ready,' 26-year-old Sarko Sarkodie said.'The alt-right's vision for this country is not the one that we need.

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