Dating a widower with a daughter

A lot of good advice on them, and we would all probably faint if we knew who we were talking to.

Too bad we women can't strike back with LIPSTICK AND ROUGE, to reel them in. Also who doesn't like flowery messages first thing in the morning? He said he was a marine engineer on an oil rig off Norway and supervised a crew of 21.

"I did it in one day."She died last March, 10 days after the piece was published It was the first time Rosenthal has spoken about the essay since his wife's death.

He told CBC News that doing the talk gave him the opportunity to tell his own story about what happened."I felt that being able to craft the story that I wanted to tell versus being interviewed about it was special," he said, adding that his late wife was a big part of the TED community.

Three months after her death, Rosenthal's father died of complications from Parkinson's disease. Over the course of the past year, Rosenthal said, he has tried to find beauty in life.

He said it prompted him to question how people make their way through grief. He said he has found joy in sharing moments with his three children, and in music.


I am not stupid enough to fall for his rubbish at all. I shouldnt play a long but these men need to be reported!!!He said Amy was a prolific writer and a terrific public speaker with whom he shared a love of music and documentary films.He then talked about the excruciating, months-long process they went through as her ovarian cancer progressed until she died in their home."I was always told that this environment was welcoming and warm."He said he wanted other people going through similar experiences to know they're not alone.


Rosenthal began his talk by describing his late wife and the life they shared with their three children.

Rosenthal told the TED crowd, with tears in his eyes.


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