Dating a sw model 19


Small, Medium, Large, and a mid size between medium and large, called Medium/Large. Lightening slides have become one of the more popular treatments for all the polymer guns, enough to create an entire cottage industry of gun shops that do just that.I am guessing this addressed the hand size of a big segment of the population, but it is my one complaint about the M2.0. The M&P guys decided, “Why not ship them from the factory that way? The M2.0 has shaved every away every ounce of slide it seemed prudent to do, while retaining the old shape.The new trigger is going to make some people very happy.I was confused a few months ago when I was raving about the M&P trigger, and many of the readers expressed that I must have lost my marbles.The polymer on the 1.0 M&P was not as stiff as on a Glock, and because of that, you felt more recoil on the M&P.It’s not a well-known fact, but the frame of a Glock actually twists under recoil, which absorbs some of the recoil force. less recoil, but it didn’t really work out that way in the M&P 1.0.Step one for me with new guns is generally to wrap the grip in skateboard deck tape, but I feel no need on the M2.0.

Let’s start with what I see as the most radical change.This is a massive point in Smith and Wesson’s favor. There are a few other changes, but none as radical as those mentioned above.The slide release mechanism has changed, but is in the same place and is the same shape.The ejection port now has a recessed, rounded segment taken out of the top of the slide.


I never heard of an M&P with ejection problems, so this may be purely cosmetic.Something was slightly “off” in the equation when it came to perceived recoil.


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