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There’s never any big mystery about who they are or what they’re up to (their ringleader is portrayed by a bearded and snarling Vincent D’Onofrio, who should really take a break from playing heavies), yet “CHIPS,” despite its moments of frat-house goofiness, plays the cop caper in a glumly straight fashion.

The film’s model is — or should have been — the movie version of “21 Jump Street” and its sequel, but the co-directors of those bumptious nihilistic undercover burlesques, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, knew how to turn comedy into suspense and thrills into media-mad absurdity.

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The movie’s fudged-out lack of funniness starts with Shepard, who plays Baker with a stoned version of his usual fast-break timing.

He looks like Martin Short with Peter Weller’s bird-like stare grafted on; he’s like a sexy alien.



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    By shifting our perspectives and attempting to understand what our teachers are showing us in their mirror reflections we can begin to take baby steps toward accepting or healing those wounded and fragmented parts within ourselves.

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