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Each title contains one or more articles, each article contains one or more chapters, and each chapter contains one or more sections.

(3) Citations The Indiana Code numbering scheme involves use of numbers separated by hyphens. The letters "IC" should always precede a citation to a Code section, chapter, article, or title, except when using internal references [See Pages 29-30]. SESSION LAWS (ACTS) (1) Introduction The enrolled acts of each legislative session that become law are bound together, assigned public law numbers by the Office of Code Revision, and referred to as "Acts 20__".

(2) Arrangement The Constitution consists of a Preamble and 16 major groupings called Articles.

Each Article is composed of smaller individual units called Sections.

Final rules published in the Register are later codified in the Indiana Administrative Code.


The contents of a chapter are indicated through use of a three-part citation and of an entire article by use of a two-part citation. Example: IC 4-3-2-1 refers to Title 4, Article 3, Chapter 2, Section 1. These noncode provisions include almost all appropriations and transitional provisions as well as any other statutes effective for a period of less than five years.Each agency has been assigned a title number with all rules of that agency classified under that title.


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