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The Department of Defense (Do D) Enterprise Email (DEE) service provides secure cloud-based email to the Do D enterprise that is designed to increase operational efficiency and facilitate collaboration across organizational boundaries.As an enterprise-wide service, DEE reduces the cost of operations and maintenance by consolidating hardware into DISA’s secure, global Defense Enterprise Computing Centers (DECCs).DEE follows the Do D Enterprise USERNAME, Display Name, and Email Address Standard under the authority of DOD Directive 8320.03 This directive is followed within DEE and DMDC for the creation of the persona and non-person entity @email addresses and display names.Email address examples as follows: Utilizing DISA Enterprise Service’s Pod technology architecture, DEE will support 105,000 (NIPR) and 41,000 (SIPR) users per Pod and is capable for scaling to the needs and size of an organization.The DEE Service Desk will escalate ticket(s) using their standard ticket procedures.The archiving feature within DEE provides users with a PST free experience by automatically moving older messages (greater than 120 days) into a message archive.



This design allows DEE to provide this service with 99.9% availability.

DEE is designed to support the deployment of email capability for 4.5 million users and a global address list (GAL) scaled to support 10 million objects (e.g., Do D Common Access Cards personas and Non Person Entities).


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