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Each concert will present musicians and guest singers from Montreal who will perform a Cohen album in its entirety, in an intimate setting at la Salle Gesù, in keeping with the original intention and order of the songs in the album.

The series has been arranged in collaboration with POP Montréal.

The installation features phrases from Cohen’s poems and songs, projected in both French and English.

This unique and ephemeral work will be visible for five nights only, starting on November 7, the first anniversary of Cohen’s death, and going until November 11.


Leonard Cohen’s thinking, writing and music are a thing of beauty and despair.

When we came up with the idea for this exhibition, we went to seek the agreement of Leonard Cohen, who was thrilled with the project and the angle we were proposing.

Given his recent death, our exhibition has taken on a new meaning. is a cycle of performances choreographed and performed by Clara Furey and inspired by the eponymous poem by Leonard Cohen.

In this ninety-minute work, which will be performed for ninety days in the presence of the Marc Quinn sculpture is a participatory humming experience that reveals an invisible vibration uniting people around the world currently listening to Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Real-time user data representing these listeners is transformed into a virtual choir of humming voices that participants can hum along with in order to feel a collective resonance.


The project comprises a web experience and a room in the exhibition.Skilled interpretive staff are available to help answer questions and provide visitors with a personal and highly engaging experience. View a variety of tropical butterflies up close as they feed on trays of fresh cut fruit.


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