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This is the story of the evolution of Australia's unique eucalypt vegetation and its associated communities, plants and animals.

The property is comprised of eight protected areas in two blocks separated by a transportation and urban development corridor.

Ongoing research continues to reveal the rich scientific value of the area as more species are discovered.

The geology and geomorphology of the property, which includes 300 metre cliffs, slot canyons and waterfalls, provides the physical conditions and visual backdrop to support these outstanding biological values.

These vary from tall forests at the margins of rainforest in the deep valleys, through open forests and woodlands, to shrublands of stunted mallees on the exposed tablelands.


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The area is widely renowned and extensively used for sight-seeing, bushwalking, rock climbing, canyoning and other outdoor recreational pursuits.

The New South Wales Government is responsible for day-to-day management of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

It is particularly noted for its wide and balanced representation of eucalypt communities ranging from wet and dry sclerophyll to mallee heathlands, as well as localised swamps, wetlands, and grassland.


One hundred and one species of eucalypts (over 14 per cent of the global total) occur in the Greater Blue Mountains.The Greater Blue Mountains is an area of breathtaking views, rugged tablelands, sheer cliffs, deep inaccessible valleys and swamps teeming with life.


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